Philadria d.o.o. - catalog 28



Independant state of Croatia

** / * / (*),116/7, Bl. 6,
Croatia. Philatelic Exhibition 'Ministerial Album'.  In addition to  normal stamps in combinations with engraver's sign "S", imperforate stamps and blocks of four are present all in original colour and five trial colours. In each imperforate block of four there is a stamp with engravers' sign "S". Imperforate S/Sheet is present on normal and "Japan" paper, each with engravers' sign "S". Five further imperforate S/Sheets are present, in larger size and changed colour, each with engravers's sign "S". Also complete imperforate printing sheet of S/Sheet  i.e. 6 S/Sheets se-tenant and large part of perforate S/Sheet printing sheet,  (Two S/Sheets at right are missing, Nr. III and VI.). In both sheets S/Sheet Br. V with engravers sign "S" is present. At the end the caricatures of prominent collectors and postal employees.