Philadria d.o.o. - catalog 22nd - october 2019





Δ,32 (18),A piece of paper with affixed 18 items of 15 K. value, each cancelled by partly excised old Austrian canceller type "Šmarje, 2/3, 21". Two stamps are from the original printing , one in dark-green the other in yellowish-green colour shade. The other 16 stamps are from "Sunday printing". I think the item is an interesting study object. The stamps are cancelled with Šmarje cancellation, where stamp dealer "P" (mentioned in the Manual) was living. He owned a large part of the orignal issue of these stamps (especially the 15 K. value). Could he be connected to the "Sunday printing"? A hardly acceptable "explanation" is attached, not logical for several reasons. According to the explanation the paper should have been produced by some comission to show the postal clerk the difference between the original and "Sunday" printing. I do not accept this explanation.