Philadria d.o.o. - catalog 16th auction - October 2016




Province of Ljubljana, German occupation

Δ,1/60, P 1/9,
Province of Ljubljana, German Occupation. Complete collection with genuine cancellations ! Overprinted stamps are affixed to four sheets of paper and each single stamp is cancelled by "LUBIANA 3, LJUBLJANA 3, (3), 16.3.44". Quality of stamps is superb, four Certificates Krischke (one for each sheet). The Landscapes Issue is are also affixed to a sheet, and each stamp is cancelled on its day of issue, i.e. the FIRST DAY for each stamp using Ljubljana 3 cancellation (counters 1 - 3). Three stamps have brown spots (including the high value of 30 Lira), Certificate Brunel. Complete collection  with genuine cancellation is rare, an opportunity, Mi. € 13.000,00 +"

3700.00 R