Philadria d.o.o. - catalog 16th auction - October 2016





,Č 1,Whole front of "Draupost" newspaper (only half reproduced on the picture), Number 11 (Year II.), issued in Maribor on Febraury 10, 1920. A label with receiver's name (Post Office Zgornje Trušnje) is attached to the newspaper and franked with 2 vin. Newspaper stamp is cancelled on arrival by "Zgornje Trušnje" (February 1920, day is not legible). Newspapers stamps often remained without cancellation and were cancelled on arrival. This one is cancelled in Carinthia which is extremely rare. It also represents a very early use of the Slovene canceller of Zgornje Trušnje; it's use started in February 1920.

800.00 R