Philadria d.o.o. - katalog 10. dražba - oktober 2013




Province of Ljubljana, German occupation

Province of Ljubljana German Occupation. Cover sent on the last day of World War II.(!) Printed matter from a well known correspondence of "Združenje industrialcev in Obrtnikov Ljubljanske Pokrajine" dated May 8th, 1945 with official instructions to companies and craftsmen about employment and salaries. The printed matter is correctly franked (25 cent) and censored. The date (May 8th) is clearly visible, the post office is not legible, usualy the post of the "Združenje" was mailed from the post office Ljubljana 1. Next morning Ljubljana was liberated, therefore this item was sent on the  last day of war and the last day of German occupation of the Province of Ljubljana, an extraordinary document.

250.00 R