Philadria d.o.o. - katalog 10. dražba - oktober 2013




Province of Ljubljana, German occupation

**,11 (80),Definitives, "Partisan Issue" Value of 1,25 Lira, in two multiples of left 60 and right 20 stamps (7th and 8th column are missing, together 80 stamps). Unfortunately most of the stamps have brown stains in gum, still a very precious study item. It is clearly evident that the constant flaw on 25th stamp has been removed, "Long N", as the pair coloumns are repeated. Conversely some other constant flaws are repeated: "Tear at Eagle's Wing" (Position 60 and 59), "Hole in the Stomach of the Eagle" (Position 66 and 65) and "Damaged SK" (Position 76 and 75). Allthough not the full sheet it is still a very large and valuable multiple, hard to be repeated. Mi. € 4.000,00 ++.

800.00 R