Philadria d.o.o. - katalog 10. dra┼żba - oktober 2013





,3, 5Bj (5),
Parcel card franked with 2,10 K. including five 20 vin. stamps (two vertical pairs and a single)  litographed on white smooth paper in yellow-brown shade, i e. the so-called "Mariborska" (!!) Both stamps in one pair show the flaw "Lock on the Left Hand". On the other pair the lower stamp has a few missing perfs. The parcel card was sent from Mozirje (6.II.19) to St. Kunigunda (arrival date is not legible). The quality of the parcel card is superb. An extraordinary rarity, in my opinion one of the most important Chainbreaker postal history items I have ever seen.

1250.00 R