Philadria d.o.o. - catalog 27




"Dr. Ivan Turk" collection

** / * / ○,6/10b,
Province of Ljubljana, Italian Occupation. Postage Due, overprint "R. Commissariato". Complete set with inverted overprint ! The 10 Din. value has minimally repaired gum in the place of hinge removal. It also shows slight abrasion on the obverse. This stamp is of extreme rarity. Most probably it has been incorrectly inserted into a 10 Din. sheet prior to overprinting. Certificate France. The 5 Din. value is MNH, with Ercegović Certificate. Other values have Bar Certificate.  The values of 0,50 and 1 Din. are MNH, the 2 Din. stamp is used.

1500.00 R