Philadria d.o.o. - catalog 27



Yugoslavia, Occupation 1941/5, Dr. Ivan Turk collection

,14m PA 8/I, 8/II,
Montenegro, Italian Occupation. Cover (non contemporary) with affixed unissued 40 and 50 Din. airmail stamps and a definitive 30 Din. King Peter II stamp. Stamps are cancelled  "Berane, 20.VI.41", the cover is addressed to Ro┼żaj (21.VI.41). As it is known both original cancellers are in private possession and were used for such philatelic manipulations. The overprint on the 40 Din. value corresponds to position 98/100. The overprint on 50 Din value corresponds to position 42/100. The stamps are not affixed with their original gum, some other glue was used. The 40 Din. value is repaired, at right margin, outside the image. Due to shortage of time we were not able to get a new Certificate, stamps are being sold as original overprints but postdated cancellations and with faults. An old Chiavarello "Certificate" is added. Otherwise these two stamps represent a huge rarity in former Yugoslavia philately.

4000.00 R