Philadria d.o.o. - catalog 27




"Dr. Ivan Turk" collection

**/*,,Province of Ljubljana. First Definitive Set. Lot of stamps with constant flaws. From Type I overprint all seven values are presented with constant flaws I, III and IV, generally of good/very good quality (6 I and 16 I have brown spots in gum). Of constant flaw 'V' five stamps are presented, four of these with brown spots in gum. Additionaly four values are presented in blocks of four with three constant flaws each (II, III and IV), all of good quality. From the Type II overprint all six values are presented of constant flaws I and IV (9 IV has a slight gum adhesion, others are of good quality). Of constant flaw II four values are presented, all of good quality. Of constant flaw III three values are presented (13 III is hinged and slightly thinned).

260.00 R