Philadria d.o.o. - catalog 22nd - october 2019





(*),P 1/4 A, U,
Postage due  Ljubljana printing on thin, rough paper, imperforate. "Large heart" (stamps of six counter sheets se tenant) and "Small heart" (stamps of four counter sheets se tenant), both from the same imperforate and ungummed printing sheet. "Large heart" are stamps se-tenant with gutters, the following values; 20 and 50 vin. (from counter sheet of 50 stamps) and 5, 10, 20 and 50 vin. (from counter sheets of 10 stamps). The paper is creased along vertical gutter and along the upper horizontal gutter. Lower horizontal gutter , between middle (values 5 and 10 vin.) and the lower part (20 and 50 vin.) is not folded. Paper is somewhat creased. "Small  Heart" are the values of 5, 10, 20 and 50 vin. se-tenant (with gutters), all from counter sheets of 50 stamps. Paper is creased along both gutters (vertical and horizontal), and generally somewhat creased. There is a stain in paper, in the vertical gutter, at the right of the 20 vin. value. All stamps from all counter sheets in both "Hearts" are cut in pairs, which is rare.One other similar pair of "Hearts" is known to me, however with single values cut as single stamps and not in pairs (apart from the known, complete printing sheet). An extraordinary item, both for Postage due collection or  the general Chainbreakers collection.